WatchPAT One E Home Sleep Apnea Test

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WatchPat One E Home Sleep Apnea TestSleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which you repeatedly start and stop breathing while sleeping at night.  While you may not know you have sleep apnea, some common symptoms include snoring, daytime sleepiness, waking up gasping for air, and more. This disorder can become serious and can come with many complications. If you think you have sleep apnea, it’s important to get tested for it. One at-home test on the market is the WatchPAT ONE E.

What Is the WatchPAT One E Device?

The WatchPAT ONE E is an at-home sleep apnea test designed to help users take a sleep study in the comfort of their own homes. It is simple to use and provides accurate and reliable results. This device is a single-use, disposable device that has 2 points of contact to measure several different metrics. The two sensors of the WatchPAT ONE E are placed around your wrist and as a probe on your finger to accurately provide results about your sleeping.

The information gained from this device is transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth through the WatchPAT ONE E application (available on both Android and IOS devices). A sleep expert will have access to your metrics to analyze and diagnose you, if applicable.

What Does WatchPAT One E Measure?

The WatchPAT ONE E accurately measures the following metrics:

  • Heart rate: During a sleep apnea event, a person’s heart rate slows down and then increases once they start breathing again.
  • Blood oxygen level: If a person has sleep apnea, their blood oxygen level is lower than normal. Their blood oxygen level is usually at the lowest as they start to breathe again after an apnea event.
  • Peripheral arterial tone (pulse volume changes): This can also be referred to as the volume of your pulse. The change in volume is often correlated with having sleep apnea.
  • Amount of snoring: Snoring is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. The frequency and severity of a person’s snoring are measured using the WatchPAT ONE E.
  • Actigraphy (body movement): Doctors will be able to determine if you are awake or asleep using this metric.
  • Body positioning: Sleeping position plays a big role in sleep apnea. It can actually directly influence the frequency of apnea episodes during the night.

How To Use the WatchPAT E One Home Sleep Apnea Test?

Once you receive your WatchPAT ONE E device in the mail, there are a few simple steps you need to take before falling asleep to take this test.

1. Strap The Watch To The Wrist

Next, attach the wrist device around your non-dominant hand. Adjust it so it fits comfortably, but is not too tight or too loose. It should fit the same way a typical wristwatch is applied.

2. Insert Your Finger Into The Finger Probe

Insert your finger into the probe, but do not pull the white/purple tab until you are ready to take the test. It is recommended to use your index finger. Make sure your finger is fully inserted by pressing the end of the probe against a hard surface.

3. When You Are Ready To Go To Sleep

Now you can pull the white/purple tab and remove it from the finger probe. Then, turn on the device by pressing the button to start it. After a few seconds, you should get a message on your display that reads: Good Night!

Please note: if your finger is not properly inserted into the probe, you will get an error. Wait for the device to turn off and try again.

4. Now You Are Ready To Sleep

Fall asleep as you would normally and your WatchPAT ONE E will do the rest. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, do not remove any of the sensors or push any buttons. Once you wake up in the morning, you can remove the device from your body.

How Accurate Is the WatchPAT One E For Testing Sleep Apnea?

The WatchPAT ONE E, along with other at-home tests, are just as accurate as if you were taking a sleep test in a lab or sleep clinic. This device has been clinically proven to detect all types of sleep apnea events. Due to its 2 points of contact that measure many factors, this test has a 98% success rate.

WatchPAT One E Device – Advantages

  • Convenient: With Sleep Care Online, you’ll be able to talk to a healthcare provider during a 10-minute telehealth appointment to discuss your symptoms and more. The disposable home sleep apnea test is mailed out the next day and will arrive at your home. You then are able to take the test on the night of your choosing that is convenient for you.
  • Comfortable: Sleep studies conducted in a lab or sleep clinic could cause discomfort because of the unfamiliarity of the area, being watched by a professional all night, being hooked up to many sensors and monitors, and more. Taking the WatchPAT ONE E device at home gives you the freedom to sleep comfortably in your own bed to help you get the most accurate sleep and results.
  • Affordable: The WatchPAT ONE E is a more affordable option on the market compared to other at-home tests and in-lab studies. At-home sleep apnea tests are also more affordable because their insurance often covers and is less costly than in-lab tests. View Sleep Care Online’s product comparison chart here.
  • Accurate: Thanks to its 2 points of contact on the finger and wrist, users can expect accurate results that doctors will be able to easily analyze and diagnose you if applicable.

WatchPAT One E Device – Disadvantages

  • User error: Since you will be taking the test at home, user error will always be a factor. For assistance, Sleep Care Online would be happy to help. Give us a call at 866.465.4478.
  • Inconclusive results: If a person has trouble properly using the test, the results will also not be as accurate. This could result in doctors recommending an in-lab study, which negates both the convenience and cost-effective approach this test offers.

Where Can I Buy WatchPAT One E Home Sleep Apnea Test? 

Sleep Care Online offers the WatchPAT ONE E Sleep Apnea Testing Device, along with other great benefits, with the Complete Care Package. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Purchase our Complete Care package and schedule a 10-minute telehealth visit with a healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms, upcoming sleep study, test results, and treatment options.

Step 2: A reliable and disposable home sleep apnea test, WatchPAT ONE E, is then mailed to your home to be completed at your convenience.

Step 3: A physician analyzes the sleep data and provides a prescription if needed.

Step 4: Schedule an optional follow-up appointment (additional fee applies).

Step 5: We connect you to sleep experts who can offer customized sleep therapy options, assistance in equipment purchase, and initial set-up.

Order a Home Sleep Test Today!

For any additional questions or to learn more about the WatchPAT ONE E, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help. Give us a call at 866.465.4478 today!

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