Frequently Asked Questions

Once you take our online sleep assessment, you will be shown the results immediately. If you would like to purchase the Complete Care home sleep diagnostic package, you will schedule a 10-minute telehealth visit with a healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms, upcoming sleep study, test results, and potential treatment options.  A multi-night, disposable home sleep apnea test is mailed to your house to be completed at your convenience, and a physician will analyze your study and provide a prescription if needed.

Sleep Care Online uses the latest in cutting-edge technology with a disposable sleep apnea testing device called WatchPAT ONE E, a reliable and accurate option on the market. This device has 2 points of contact but is simple to put on and use. After your everyday bedtime routine when you are ready for bed, do the following:

  1. Strap on the WatchPAT ONE E home sleep apnea test bracelet to your non-dominate hand
  2. Place the probe on your finger

Together, these parts will test you for sleep apnea as you sleep based on up to 6 different factors:  PAT signal (peripheral arterial tone), heart rate, oximetry (blood oxygen level), actigraphy (gross motor activity), body position, and snoring. All collected data is transmitted via the cloud and study results are available the following morning.

The device also connects to a smartphone app (WatchPAT® ONE application–available for iOS or Android) and integrated cloud-based analysis software for analysis. Please note, this product does not include the chest sensor. 

Each device is disposable after one night’s use. This disposable feature greatly reduces the possibility of contamination, particularly in the time of COVID.

WatchPAT ONE E is FDA-cleared and has been clinically validated in multiple trials.

WatchPAT ONE E, the sleep testing device we offer, works alongside the WatchPAT® ONE application. This app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play on either a smartphone or tablet.

For our video telehealth visits, you will need to sign on via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone with a camera.

The disposable WATCHPAT ONE E is simple to set up and use! Simply strap the wrist device on your non-dominant hand’s wrist, and place the finger probe on your index finger. Turn on the app and push “Start Recording” before you go to bed and that’s all!

As always, you can reach us by phone at 866.465.4478 or via email at

Please note, this product does not include the chest sensor.

Sleep Care online’s Complete Care service is for people ages 18 and older who are experiencing sleep difficulties and are at risk of moderate to severe sleep apnea. Risk factors include loud snoring, daytime sleepiness, obesity, and breathing cessation during sleep. We do not recommend an in-home sleep test to patients with the following medical conditions: those with significant cardiorespiratory disease, potential respiratory muscle weakness due to neuromuscular condition, awake hypoventilation or suspicion of sleep-related hypoventilation, chronic opioid medication use, or a history of stroke or severe insomnia.

Yes, a prescription is required for a home sleep apnea test (HSAT) from a doctor who has a license in the state in which you reside. During checkout, you will be asked to complete a Health Assessment. You will begin by having a 10-minute telehealth appointment with a healthcare provider. Then you will receive a multi-night, disposable home sleep apnea test in the mail and a physician analyzes your sleep data and will provide a prescription if needed.

In 2007, after extensive study, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) endorsed the use of portable monitoring for qualified people. A sleep physician can determine if you qualify.

There are several reasons to choose a home sleep apnea test (HSAT) over a traditional in-lab study.

A home sleep apnea test can be completed in the comfort of your own bed. You don’t have to worry about trying to fall asleep in an unfamiliar setting with various wires or nodes hooked up to you and someone monitoring you as you sleep. Studies show that comfort and familiarity will lead to better results.

Cost is another important consideration. An in-lab sleep test can run in the thousands of dollars and insurance may cover only a portion or nothing at all. An HSAT is a cost-effective way to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea.

An in-lab test requires you to schedule your appointment. Sleep labs are often booked months in advance and require you to make additional considerations, such as alternative care for your children or pets. An HSAT can be completed immediately with results in less than a week and requires no change to your daily schedule.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common form of sleep-disordered breathing by far. Our home sleep apnea test (HSAT) determines the presence of OSA. An in-lab study is more comprehensive, testing for a number of less common problems, and is much more expensive. In addition, our HSAT is less expensive than a traditional lab sleep test because there is no cost for a night in a specialized facility or the significant additional equipment and labor cost involved in a traditional, more comprehensive sleep test. Additionally, we have streamlined the process to make it efficient and less expensive to the user.

Sleep studies range in cost from around $2,500 to $5,000, while the home sleep apnea test is much more affordable at $219 (original: $399).

Although you are applying the test yourself, the device is quite sophisticated and accurately records the results. With step-by-step instructions available within the WatchPAT ONE application or as a video on our website, setting up the device itself should be simple to do.

After wearing the device overnight, the data will be transmitted via the cloud and your results will be ready for review. The Sleep Care online team will confirm the accuracy of the data to determine whether another night of data is required. Our board-certified physicians will interpret the sleep study and provide a prescription if warranted. You have the option to schedule a follow-up appointment (additional fee applies). Additionally, sleep experts from The CPAP Shop will follow up to offer customized product recommendations.

Once your sleep study is complete, a sleep specialist will write a prescription for the recommended treatment (CPAP therapy, dental appliance, eXcite OSA, etc). Our Sleep Care online team will send over the prescription to you immediately. You can also choose to have us send the prescription to your referral physician or dentist, or to an e-commerce retailer such as The CPAP Shop. We’re here to make it easy to get you started on the therapy that you need.

Yes! Through our SimpleRx program, a current PAP user can easily renew their prescription. Simply schedule a 10-minute telehealth consult with a sleep expert (may be a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) to discuss your current PAP equipment, settings, and experience. An updated PAP prescription will be provided.

SimpleRx is currently available nationwide.

SimpleRx, our prescription renewal service, includes a quick 10-minute telehealth visit with a sleep expert (may be a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner). During the visit, our sleep experts will review your current PAP usage, settings, and other pertinent data you can provide. If warranted, an updated prescription will be provided.

Sleep Care online has partnered with The CPAP Shop to offer our Complete Care patients an opportunity to purchase their sleep equipment online. The CPAP Shop sleep experts are available to discuss equipment options, including the best CPAP machines, masks, and supplies to fit your needs. The CPAP Shop can be reached at 866.414.9700.

Sleep Care online has partnered with The CPAP Shop to offer expertise and assistance in selecting and purchasing PAP equipment. The highly trained staff at The CPAP Shop can best advise on choosing the right CPAP machine, mask and supplies to fit your individual needs. They will work with you to make sure all equipment is appropriate and satisfactory. They even offer a 30-day mask return policy!

Yes, Sleep Care online’s Complete Care test results should meet all DOT standards. However, we recommend that you check with your DOT examiner and employer prior to making the purchase as some restrictions may apply.

Our Complete Care package costs $219 (normally $399).  For this one-time fee, you receive a 10-minute one-on-one telehealth consult via Zoom with a medical healthcare provider, a disposable home sleep apnea test, and a prescription for sleep therapy if needed. During your appointments, you will discuss your symptoms, the sleep study, and results, as well as treatment options.

Additional physician follow-up care is also available at $50 an appointment. This allows you to continue your care with the healthcare provider and is recommended on an individual basis.

Our SleepRx package costs $79. For this one-time fee, existing PAP users receive one 10-minute telehealth visit with a sleep expert (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) to discuss current PAP treatment and prescription renewal.

Additional physician follow-up care is also available at $50 an appointment. This allows you to continue your care with a sleep practitioner and is recommended on an individual basis.

Yes, Sleep Care online accepts all credit cards, FSA or HSA funds, and checks.

In order to keep the cost of our home sleep test to an absolute minimum, we currently do not accept any form of insurance. However, our Complete Care sleep study is completed by a healthcare professional and might be covered by your insurance if submitted directly. Please call your insurance company directly to confirm. We do not accept any liability if insurance reimbursement is denied.

Please note that we do not submit insurance claims of any kind. It is your responsibility to submit your claim to insurance and follow up for reimbursement.

Fifteen minutes before your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link to a Zoom meeting. At the time of your appointment, click the link and you will be in a waiting room. Once the physician is available, you will enter the telehealth visit.

If you need to reschedule your telehealth visit, please let us know 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Any late cancellations or no-shows will be subject to a $25 fee prior to scheduling a new appointment.

Home sleep apnea tests and telehealth services are now available nationwide.

Sleep Care online is not a healthcare provider. We arrange for healthcare providers to assess this technology platform to provide clinical services.