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The Complete Sleep Care Solution

A simple, safe and affordable way to get tested for sleep disorders from the comfort of your home. This comprehensive testing and treatment pathway is designed to seamlessly fit into our customers’ lifestyle.

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With the Complete Care package, you’ll schedule a telehealth visit with a healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms, upcoming sleep study, test results, and treatment options

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A WatchPAT ONE E device will be sent to you. Wrap the watch around your wrist and place the finger probe on any finger but your thumb. Press Start to start your test, and End in the morning when you wake up. 

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Exclusive access to sleep
experts—to help set up the device,
troubleshoot mask fittings, and
initiate therapy—with equipment

WatchPat One E Home Sleep Apnea Test

Introducing the WatchPAT ONE E, an at-home sleep apnea testing device, designed for simplicity.

  • Disposable—no contamination, no return shipping
  • FDA-approved and clinically validated
  • Cloud-based sleep data available immediately
  • Simple, accurate, and reliable

WatchPAT ONE Home Sleep Apnea Test

*Please note, the WatchPAT ONE E does not include the chest sensor.

Are you at high-risk for OSA?

Why Did We Create a Home Sleep
Test for Sleep Apnea?

An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

With Complete Care, we make it easy to get diagnosed. No more taking time off work, paying copays at a doctor’s office, staying overnight in a sleep clinic, or waiting for insurance approvals. We simplify the process so it is easy to get tested and get a better night’s sleep.

In-lab sleep tests are often intrusive, inconvenient and expensive.

In-lab sleep tests are often intrusive, inconvenient and expensive.

We constantly hear how long it took to get an appointment, how uncomfortable it is to hook up to wires and have someone watch you sleep, and how impossible it is to replicate your daily sleep in an unfamiliar bed. With our disposable home sleep apnea test, the only person who ever uses the device is you! Your data will be more accurate and easier to diagnose. Plus, you save time, hassle, and money!

Compliance with sleep apnea therapy is often low, especially without the help of a sleep professional during the initial stages.

Compliance with sleep apnea therapy is often low, especially without the help of a sleep professional during the initial stages.

Adjusting to sleep therapy is difficult but our sleep experts are here to give you one-on-one consultations to make initiating therapy a little easier. We offer help with machine setup and functionality, humidification, CPAP mask issues, and also give you access to a respiratory therapist if you need medical advice.

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No hidden costs. No doctor office copays, referral runarounds, matching your schedule to availability at your local sleep clinic, or tracking down a prescription. And you pay less than going through your insurance!

Feel the difference.

Our Complete Care process was created by healthcare providers and guaranteed the best results and successful long-term PAP therapy compliance. Compared to other online sleep testing options, Sleep Care online is a premier service that offers one-on-one access to top sleep experts, state-of-the-art sleep testing, and an affordable, efficient, and proven comprehensive care option.



Already a CPAP user and need a new prescription to make your purchase? We’ve got you covered. One telehealth visit with a sleep expert and you’ll have your new prescription in minutes!

Why choose Sleep
Care online for
home sleep testing?

  • Access to healthcare providers and sleep experts with our Complete Care process every step of the way
  • FDA-approved and clinically proven home sleep apnea testing
  • Testing and reports that meet all DOT requirements
  • Ability to video chat with a healthcare provider
  • Prescription for sleep therapy
  • Hassle-free, expedited PAP equipment purchase and delivery
  • Access to sleep experts
  • Privacy from intrusive data monitoring
  • Affordable, quality care at a fraction of the cost of insurance

Had not been to my doctor in a couple of years and he booted me. I needed a new machine, but with COVID, I didn’t want to go visit a new doctor and deal with getting records moved. I was already using a CPAP machine that still came on so I had the data on its settings. Sent that into them and had a quick meeting to discusses a few items and answered a few questions. Was pretty simple and I got my prescription.

Keith C


SimpleRx Renewal was absolutely amazing and The Dr. was a real class act…. very thorough and kind. Thank you for everything.

Marcitta F


I highly recommend Sleep Care online as an affordable health care option for people suffering or who suspect they are suffering from sleep apnea. Marie Kalcher personally helped through the entire process and was always available for my questions. The online interface is easy to use and Dr. Haramandeep Singh was professional and precise in diagnosing my specific sleep condition. I feel fortunate to have chosen this provider for my medical care needs.

Jeffrey B


Sleep Care online and Marie, their employee, resolved a nightmare situation for me. All this with the fear of the COVID-19 epidemic dangling over me for months. I had made an appointment in April to see my GP in May, who referred me to a pulmonologist who could only see me in June and an ENT specialist in September—both of whom wanted to see me a second time before they would order an in-clinic whole night test. My insurance would pay their part and me, the deductible, $2200 out of pocket. I called Sleep Care online, and all home tests, MD visit, diagnosis and prescription were done in 10 days for less than 1/10 of the price. Really can't say enough good. Super satisfied customer.

Serge D


My CPAP machine was dying. I needed to order a new one. I did not know how and where to get my old prescription. Sleep Care online was able to get me in touch with a doctor quickly. I had a new prescription for a CPAP machine in less than 24 hours. Marie at Sleep Care online was able to help me out with a few things online to help me thru the process. This is an excellent way to get a consult and a new prescription for equipment or masks.

Tom P


I was totally impressed at how easy Sleep Care Online made it to meet with a physician and obtain the necessary prescription to order my new CPAP machine. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Mark L