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Home sleep apnea tests and telehealth services are now available nationwide.

Where can I get a home sleep apnea test near me?

Home sleep apnea tests and telehealth services are now available nationwide.

How will I benefit from taking an at-home sleep study?

There are some notable benefits to taking home sleep tests. While you must have a prescription for an at-home sleep apnea test, take a look at the specific benefits you will receive.

Inexpensive: Since the test requires very little equipment there is no need for a sleep specialist to be physically present. In contrast to laboratory testing, at-home sleep apnea tests are very cost-effective and affordable.

Convenience: When it comes to sleep testing, home sleep tests are by far the most comfortable choice since they can be conducted right at home. Some sleep analysis studies require you to travel to a sleep center to stay overnight and be monitored, such as polysomnography. More equipment is involved which requires monitoring by staff and sleep specialists. At-home sleep apnea tests are simple and there is no need for staff monitoring.

Less Intrusive: Home sleep tests can be as easy as wearing a wrist monitor, chest strap, pulse oximeter, cannula or only one of these sensors. Lab tests also include EEG, EKG, EMG, and other biological sensors as well as physical monitoring while the patient sleeps.

What is the average cost of a home sleep study near me?

Our Complete Care package, which includes a telehealth visit with a healthcare provider, a home sleep apnea test, and a prescription for PAP therapy if warranted, is $219. This one-time fee includes access to top-quality sleep care, sleep testing, and a prescription. No hidden fees!

Our SimpleRx package is for current PAP users in need of a renewed prescription. For $79, this service includes one telehealth visit with a sleep expert and a prescription for PAP therapy.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an in-home sleep study near me?

Sleep Care online does not accept any form of insurance. However, our Complete Care telehealth visits are completed by healthcare providers and might be covered by your insurance if submitted directly. We do not accept any liability if your reimbursement is denied. We recommend that you reach out to your insurance company for guidance.