Risk Score Indicator

You are considered Low Risk.

You are at low risk for obstructive sleep apnea. However, a low risk score does not mean no risk. If you are still having problems with your sleep, consider a consultation with a board-certified sleep physician.

How to Get Diagnosed?

You are concerned that you may have a sleep disorder. We can help! We’ve simplified the process to get diagnosed. No more time off work, no more spending a night in a sleep clinic, and no more hassles waiting for approvals from insurance.

  1. Complete your Health & Sleep Assessment. Receive the NightOwl disposable home sleep apnea test in the mail. Attach the tiny sensor to your finger overnight. Results are ready in the morning.
  2. Schedule a one-on-one telehealth appointment with a board-certified sleep physician to discuss your study results and therapy options.
  3. Receive a prescription for PAP therapy if needed.
  4. Our sleep experts will reach out to help you pick the right equipment (at an additional cost). A certified sleep coach will help you initiate therapy.

Ready to recharge your sleep?

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